1 Day trip from Calgary to Drumheller and Discover the Dinosaur Museum

Set out on a remarkable journey from the bustling city of Calgary to the charming town of Drumheller. This one-day adventure will transport you back in time as you explore the captivating world of dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Drumheller, located in Alberta’s Badlands, is not only famous for its rich fossil heritage but also its breathtaking landscapes adorned with vibrant canola fields during summer. The contrast between Calgary’s modern skyscrapers and Drumheller’s prehistoric wonders offers an intriguing experience that shouldn’t be missed.

This trip will be good for kids or toddlers who are sick and tired of the indoor activities for sure! Otherwise, you can check indoor activities if you are already went to Drumheller.

1 Day trip from Calgary to Drumheller and Discover the Dinosaur Museum

Why Visit Drumheller?

While Banff may get all the attention with its stunning mountains and turquoise lakes, heading eastward from Calgary brings you to an equally enchanting destination—Drumheller. For those seeking outdoor adventures, there are numerous hiking trails where wildlife spotting is common; camping sites that offer serene settings under starlit skies; and fishing spots teeming with local species.

Getting There

If you’re based in Calgary or visiting Alberta’s most populous city, a trip to Drumheller makes for an excellent escape from urban life without requiring extensive travel time or planning—perfect for those spontaneous day trips or weekend getaways! The route towards Drumheller takes approximately 90 minutes to two hours by car—a standard drive length given Canada’s vast landscape.

Horseshoe Canyon

Your journey begins with a stop at Horseshoe Canyon—often referred to as ‘the Little Grand Canyon.’ While it might not match the grandeur of its American namesake in size or scale, this small canyon certainly holds its own when it comes to scenic beauty!

Royal Tyrrell Museum

A Must-Visit Attraction As you approach downtown Drumheller after your scenic drive through Alberta’s prairies, prepare yourself for a jaw-dropping sight: towering dinosaur models standing guard over this quaint town! This spectacle marks your arrival at one of Canada’s most beloved attractions—the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Housing an impressive collection spanning millions of years—from prehistoric marine creatures right up until our giant reptilian friends—the museum provides visitors with an immersive journey into Earth’s past like no other. The museum doesn’t just cater to adults; kids will find plenty here too!

Operating Hours & Admission Fees

The Royal Tyrrell Museum welcomes visitors all year round but operates on different schedules depending on the season. From May 15 to August 31, it opens its doors every day from 9 AM until 9 PM, accommodating those who prefer early morning or late evening visits. As summer ends and we move into fall and winter—from September 1 through May 14—the museum switches to a Tuesday-to-Sunday schedule, operating from 10 AM to 5 PM. It’s closed on Mondays during this period except for holiday Mondays when it remains open for visitors.

The admission fees are quite reasonable considering the wealth of knowledge and experiences the museum offers. Adults between the ages of 18-64 pay $21; seniors aged above 65 get a discounted rate at $14; youths aged between seven and seventeen are charged $10; while children six years old and under can enter free!


No need to worry about parking here! The Royal Tyrrell Museum provides ample free parking space that can accommodate a wide range of vehicles—from compact cars to larger family vans or RVs—making your visit even more convenient.


Exploring the prehistoric world can certainly work up an appetite! But fret not—the museum has its own in-house restaurant offering a variety of meals that cater to different tastes.


Before you wrap up your visit, don’t forget to drop by their gift shop filled with unique souvenirs that will serve as great mementos of your trip! From educational books about dinosaurs for kids who want to learn more, dinosaur-themed toys and apparel, fossils replicas—you’ll find an array of items that will help keep this extraordinary experience alive in memory.

1 Day trip from Calgary to Drumheller and Discover the Dinosaur Museum


While in Drumheller, make sure you also take time out for Hoodoos—a natural wonder formed over thousands of years due to weathering and erosion processes. These mushroom-shaped rock formations offer fascinating insights into nature’s artistic prowess! However, safety is paramount especially when visiting with children as these formations are located near slopes which may pose potential risks.

Our Thoughts

A trip from Calgary to Drumheller isn’t just another outing—it’s an immersive journey back in time where you come face-to-face with creatures from millions of years ago! The Royal Tyrrell Museum provides hands-on learning experiences that not only entertain but also educate—igniting curiosity among kids (and adults too!) about Earth’s history and sparking their imagination about what life was like during prehistoric times.

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