365 Days of Irresistible Anime Art on Instagram and Result?

We never really thought about posting anime art before, but now that we’ve been posting on our Social Media account for 365 days, we’re so happy we made it! We want to share the process of how we have posted the anime art and give you some pro tips. This way, you can avoid the mistakes we made when we first started.

We’ve been thinking that AI anime art technology is going to be a really big deal in the future. Ever since ChatGPT became a big thing in the world, we’ve seen new AI-powered tools and applications popping up every day.

Before this, we weren’t really interested in or using social media at all. But then we started thinking about learning how to use prompts with ChatGPT, so we could get information more easily instead of just searching on Google or Bing.

As soon as we started practicing with ChatGPT prompts, we realized there are actually a lot of other AI anime art software programs out there that we can use to create amazing images, videos, and even music.
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Beginning the prompt

When we first saw the images created by Midjourney, we were amazed! It’s such a cool technology, because even people who don’t know how to draw or paint can use it to make incredible artwork. Since we’re in the same boat, we started creating our own images with Midjourney. We also noticed that a lot of other people were sharing their Midjourney creations on Instagram, which gave us a good idea.

Starting Anime Art

So we started sharing our Midjourney images on Instagram too. At first, it wasn’t easy – we only had a few followers, mostly just our friends. But after a few months, we hit 1,000 followers and our follower count started increasing quickly. The main key to growing our Instagram following was posting new content consistently, every single day. We learned this from seeing other accounts with lots of followers doing the same thing.

To help us post daily, we set a goal for ourselves. It’s important to start with an easy goal first, rather than something super ambitious like getting 10,000 followers in a week. That would just be too hard and you’d end up disappointed if you couldn’t reach it. The daily posting doesn’t have to feel stressful either. Just think of it like any other daily routine, like eating 3 meals a day. Over time, it’ll become a natural habit.

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AI Generated Tool

You really need to think differently about AI. It’s not just about making things easy for you. What’s more exciting is how AI can surprise and delight you, once you learn how to use it. At first, using AI-powered tools and technologies may not be easy. But as soon as you learn how to work with them and get used to them, those tools become like a powerful weapon in your hands.

The key is that initial learning curve. It may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, AI can unlock so many amazing possibilities for you. Even if you don’t consider yourself technically skilled, AI can open up a whole new world of creative expression and problem-solving that you never thought was possible before.

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As a result of our efforts to learn and use AI-powered tools like Midjourney, we’re really excited to share that we’ve now built up a large following on social media. We currently have 55k followers, and we’re thrilled about that. We’re going to keep working hard and continue building on this momentum. Our goal is to create an even stronger pipeline for sharing our creations and engaging with our audience.

In the near future, we’ll be sharing more detailed information about what’s next for us. We’ll explain the steps we’re taking to further develop our skills and reach even more people with our AI-generated content.

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