4 Easy Ways to Convert from Image to Video by AI Tools

In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI), we have witnessed remarkable advancements that have revolutionized various aspects of our lives. One such fascinating development is the ability to convert image to video by AI tools. Last year, we were astonished by the emergence of AI tools that could breathe life into static images, transforming them into captivating videos. This technology seemed to defy the boundaries of imagination, allowing us to witness our images come to life before our very eyes.

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Among the pioneers in this field was Pikalabs, an AI tool that captured our attention with its unique capability to convert image to video by AI tools. At that time, Pikalabs was primarily accessible through Discord, and we eagerly logged in to explore this groundbreaking technology. While the initial videos created were not perfect, and the quality was somewhat lacking, the mere concept of transforming image to video by AI tools inspired us to share our short videos created using Pikalabs.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce four easy ways to convert image to video by AI tools, empowering you to unleash your artistic potential and create mesmerizing artworks with the help of cutting-edge technology.

Image to Video by AI Tools


We think Pikalaps and Runway are the top 2 AI tools to create videos. Last year, Pikalaps was free, so we used to use it for image to video by AI tools Now, you will need to pay to use Pikalaps.


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However, the pricing could be different later, so you can check it out on their website.


We are now using this software, and it is free, so you can log in and use it for free. It has some features like you can create videos from text or upload your images to create new videos. As we mentioned, we have used this program, and it doesn’t always produce the perfect videos that we want, but sometimes we like them, so we have posted them on Instagram many times.


We used to use this program because it has unique features like perspective, zoom in and out, etc. It is free to convert video, but you will need to pay after that. There is a way to convert for free, and the watermark will be visible, so if you are okay with that, you can use it, or you can pay for credits and use it without the watermark.


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It is US dollars, and 500 credits can create and get the results of a maximum of 10 videos, depending on the type of feature you will use, like 2D to 3D motion or 2D to 3D video.

After Effects

Last is After Effects. You might know the company name Adobe, and After Effects is one of the Adobe programs and the company has adobe ai image generator program as well. After Effects has tons of features that can do motion graphics, and recently, we started to use them. We are beginners as well, so we can’t teach you how to do that. However, there are many tutorials available on YouTube for free.


It is very expensive to use the program. It costs $29.99 per month to use After Effects only. If you want to use all apps from Adobe, it costs $659.88. It is cheaper if you are student.


We talked about the 4 easy ways to convert images to video, and we hope this helps you select which tools you will use and create incredible artworks. We would like to see the result, and we hope you will share it with us. Below is a link from which you can download a 4k wallpaper on Ko-fi. Feel free to download it.

Download 4k Wallpaper

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