Alaska cruise from Vancouver roundtrip 2024

Have you ever been to Alaska? It’s a unique location that many people dream of visiting. In particular, they often want to experience it via an Alaska cruise. Departing from Vancouver is an easier route, which is why trips to Alaska from Vancouver are so popular – especially since Alaska cruise frequently set sail from this city.

Alaska cruise from Vancouver roundtrip 2024

Reasons for Choosing an Alaska Cruise Trip

You have the opportunity to experience Alaska’s views and beautiful nature. Glaciers, mountain ranges, national parks and wildlife can be appreciated in good seasons and places.
You take a cruise and you won’t have to worry about some complicated transportation plans during your trip. You can also relax in comfortable rooms and enjoy various facilities and entertainment while on the move.

Alaska cruises offer visitors the opportunity to visit major cities and towns, experience Alaska culture and daily life as well as famous tourist attractions. It also offers a variety of land tours and activities. This allows travelers to organize their travel schedules to get their interests.

Most expenses are included during cruise trips, including accommodation, food and entertainment, so you don’t have to worry too much about additional expenses during the trip.

Alaska Cruise Companies

Holland America Line

Holland America Line is a premium cruise company founded in 1873 and noted for its long history and high quality service. The company offers cruise routes to travel to various destinations around the world.

Holland America offers routes to visit major cities and villages in Alaska. It is popular to visit Grayshire Bay National Park as a local attraction. The company has cruise ships of various capacities, ranging from small and smooth cruise services to large cruise ships that can accommodate up to 2,600 passengers. There are various categories of rooms available, from basic to exclusive balconies, so you can choose according to your budget and preferences.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is a luxury cruise company famous for providing high-quality services based on beautifully designed vessels and attractive food, beverage and entertainment. Founded in 1988, the company operates cruises at various destinations around the world, including Alaska Cruises. Celebrity Cruises has the following key features. It pursues modern and luxury styles in ship design. The interior of the ship is decorated with a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, harmonizing functionality and design elements.

Alaska cruise from Vancouver roundtrip 2024

Things to Know When You Travel

  • Travelers need American ETA as they are leaving from Canada to Alaska
  • If you want to use a call and use the Internet, you can roam, buy a SIM card in Vancouver, or use it without a new SIM card here
  • Recommend making an appointment for the tour and reserving dinner time before boarding, if possible
  • Staff members have good information, so ask them for any recommendations
  • Recommend to take a white pass train at Skagway
  • Skagway is windy, so take extra clothes
  • If you have motion sickness, reserve your room in the middle of the cruise
  • Women usually wear dresses and men wear a shirt and cotton pants for the gala dinner show

Our Thoughts

Due to global warming, it is said that glaciers are melting rapidly, and it feels like each day is getting warmer. Before they all melt away, taking an Alaska cruise tour can be a great experience. The best time to go is from July to August. Keep in mind that Alaska is a challenging region for individuals to visit, and plane tickets can be very expensive. You can enjoy various experiences and foods while immersing yourself in nature, take a walk in a place where no one knows you. Also, you can read a book and relax on Alaska cruise. Probably before or after your cruise trip, browse the incredible city of Vancouver too.

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