Anime Fans Guide to Using Midjourney

How do you start creating your images, and where do you get your ideas? At the beginning, you might be okay, but if you post every day for a few months, there might come a day when you find yourself wondering what you’re doing and not knowing what to create next. It can become boring, and you might lose the motivation to continue, especially when you’re paying at least $10 for something that no longer interests you.

Tips and Guide

Start Strong and Keep Going

The key to success in any creative endeavor is consistency. Make a commitment to post an image every single day, no exceptions. You might think it seems okay to skip a day, but that can quickly lead to skipping more days, and eventually, you might stop posting altogether. Staying consistent is crucial.

Find Your Special Focus

It’s important to focus on a specific theme or niche instead of posting random images. For example, if you’re passionate about landscapes, dedicate a period to sharing landscape images before exploring another theme. This approach helps you stay focused and gives your audience a clear idea of what your work is about.

Explore New Styles and Features

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different styles and features. Platforms like Midjourney offer a variety of options to explore. You can find inspiration by looking through our blog or searching online for new ideas and techniques.

Embrace Imperfection

Remember, no one is perfect. Sharing your artwork, even if it’s not flawless, is a part of the creative process. By posting your images daily, you’ll gradually build an audience that appreciates and loves your work. Embrace the journey and don’t be afraid to share your creations with the world. Compare your post after few months and you will be surprised how you are developed.

Now your turn

These tips are based on our experiences and are meant to guide you on your creative journey. While some suggestions may be more relevant to you than others, the essence is to inspire and assist you in finding your unique path. Remember, the most important aspect is to enjoy the process and see where it takes you.


A woman sits on top of a mountain with her backpack side to her, taking in the view, in the style of anime art, detailed mountains and skies, sunny day, spring –s 750 –c 50 –ar 4:5 –v 6.0


One day, we wanted to describe someone who is on top of the mountains, looking at the view, so we created prompts like the one above and got the results below.

Anime Fans Guide to Using Midjourney - 1

We liked the images, but we felt those images were just common and regular. We wanted to get a more special one with a different angle. So, we recreated the images. And we got the result below.

Anime Fans Guide to Using Midjourney - 2

Did you notice one image is different from the others? Yes, it is the top left image. It looks different than the others, and we liked the color as well, so we chose that image. But we wanted to zoom out so we could see more visuals.

Anime Fans Guide to Using Midjourney - 3

Anime Fans Guide to Using Midjourney - 4

Finally, we got those images above and chose the top right one. That is how we got the image for one post. We tried to write down the details so it looks like we took lots of time, but it actually took less than 10 minutes.


Continuing is key, as we’ve mentioned. However, continuing to post and check our tips will likely be beneficial for you, as it has been in our experience. We hope this post helps you to understand the tool and how to develop your prompts. In our next post, we will share more prompts. Also, Here is our link to download 4k wallpapers.

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