Best 5 Museums in Calgary for Kids

Calgary hosts a variety of museums that cater to both adults and children. While outdoor play is beneficial for kids, Calgary’s harsh weather or chilly winters can sometimes make it challenging. Hence, we’d like to suggest some worthwhile museums in Calgary for your consideration in this piece. Museums might not always appeal to children, but with engaging learning experiences and participatory opportunities, they could turn into memorable adventures for the young ones.

Best 5 Museums in Calgary for Kids

Telus Spark Science Centre

This place is famous for stimulating children’s curiosity. It is a place where children can access science and technology and can directly experience various exhibitions and workshops for fun activities. In addition, children can see the space exploration, and learning about the human body. There is also a theater that performs laser light shows, so if you check the website in advance and visit, you will create unforgettable memories with your children. It’s not a museum, but the Calgary Zoo is located near the Telus Spark Science Centre. So, it would be convenient to visit both if you’re planning to go to the zoo as well.

Heritage Park

This place is perfect for learning about Calgary’s history. The park has old-time buildings that kids can explore, giving them a unique experience they don’t get every day. It’s a good idea to look at the website before you go to see what events are happening. Bringing a packed lunch for a day out with the kids is also nice. Seeing another side of Calgary within the city itself can be fun and educational. Ideally, buy a year-long membership to access all areas throughout the year. If you visit Heritage Park multiple times, this could save you money.

The Hanger Flight Museum

This is a place where you can learn about how airplanes have changed over time, from the very first ones to today’s high-tech fighter jets. This isn’t just a learning trip for kids, but also an exciting adventure. They can try out different interactive displays and activities that make learning about planes fun. There are also expert guides who can answer any questions and share cool facts about flying. If you want a fun and educational outing for your kids, come to this history tour.

Best 5 Museums in Calgary for Kids

Studio Bell

Studio Bell is Home of the National Music Centre and a fantastic attraction that offers visitors a unique and immersive experience. The exhibition provides a fascinating insight into the evolution of music in Canada. Visitors can discover the science behind sound and learn about the various instruments that have shaped the music industry.

In addition to the educational aspect, Studio Bell also has a range of activities that are perfect for children. Kids can try out different instruments and experiment with the sounds they produce. This hands-on experience allows them to find an instrument that suits them and perhaps even ignites a passion for music. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in music, science, and culture.

Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary is a great place to explore the history of Calgary. You can enjoy the sight of early Calgary there. Children will be especially fascinated there. It is a great opportunity to learn about history and culture while viewing the oldest part of Fort Calgary. In addition, it is an important place in the history of Calgary, where you can also hear stories about the people who led the development of Indians and Canada.

Our Thoughts

Visiting a museum is a great opportunity for both residents and travelers to learn more about Calgary. It is famous for the natural beauty and history. That’s why it is a good chance to learn the history of Calgary and understand what this city is all about, and enjoy it with your children.

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