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People who can draw are truly amazing because they possess special skills and great creativity. Their artwork has the power to resonate with and move people. Typically, ordinary individuals may not have the ability to draw in such a manner, but if they possess creativity, they too can now create images, even without traditional drawing skills with text prompts. Prompts are refers to the initial input or instruction given by a user to the AI.

Thanks to the advancements in AI technology, it’s now possible for everyone to create paintings based on their own ideas. Although these AI-generated images may not capture the details as precisely as hand-drawn art, they can still be strikingly beautiful.

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People like us are among those who lack drawing skills. Moreover, we never imagined that we would be able to create images from our own imagination using AI and share them on Instagram. The AI tool is called Midjourney. It might seem challenging at first, but the initial difficulty fades quickly. After overcoming the initial learning curve, we believe anyone familiar with computers will find it easy to create images.

In our blog, we won’t go into detail about how to use Midjourney or Discord. Instead, we’ll share our prompts, hoping that everyone can create wonderful images.


We were thinking of creating a road between grass or a field, and we used the prompts as described below. You can imagine whatever you want to create. In particular, we like the anime style, similar to Japanese anime, so we mostly create in the anime style.


There is a road in the middle of the wilderness, in the style of anime art, detailed mountains and skies, sunny day, summer –s 750 –c 50 –ar 4:5 –v 6.0

First Sentence

Describe what you want. We used to put nouns, but as AI has grown, we now need to describe using sentences, and AI will understand. Personally, we prefer to write sentences, but it’s up to you how you want to do it. The best practice is to try many times, changing the words or sentences.

Second Sentence

Describe your style. If you want a realistic photo, you can say “realistic photo” or “8k UHD.” There are many examples you can search for. For us, we create in anime style, so we write it down as “in the style of anime art.” Other phrases can be “anime style, Japanese anime style, 90’s anime, Ghibli style.”

Third Sentence

Describe what you want for your background, such as sky, cloud, beach, and mountains. You can also describe the weather, like cloudy day, dark, or rainy day.


S means stylize. You can choose from 0, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, and the higher the number, the clearer the images, in my opinion. So, it is up to you which style you prefer. Personally, sometimes we like 750, and sometimes we don’t want to stylize, so it varies each time.

C stands for Chaos. You can choose from 0, 10, 25, 50, and 80. The higher the number, the more dynamic and unexpected the results, so you can select the way you want.

AR means Aspect Ratios. We like 4:5, so I chose it, but for reels, 9:16 is good, and 16:9 is suitable for YouTube videos.

Lastly, V stands for version. The current Midjourney version is 6, so we use it, but some people prefer Version 5.2, so they specify v 5.2 instead.

Best Anime Prompts by Midjourney - image 1


Midjourney displays 4 images as shown above, and we think we like the first one, so we chose U1. However, as you can see, we actually used 3 of them. We clicked U1, U2, and U3. U1 is in the top left, U2 is in the top right, U3 is in the bottom left, and U4 is in the bottom right. Also, you can see a refresh button on the right side, which means you want to create 4 new images similar to the ones in the above picture.

By the way, ‘U’ means you want to select that image, and ‘V’ means you want to remix your image to be similar to the selected one. For example, if you click V1, that means Midjourney will create images similar to U1 and you can even change your prompts if you want to change or add something on your image.

Best Anime Prompts by Midjourney - image 2

As you know, we chose U1 and obtained the image above. We then decided to zoom out 2x to create a better image for posting on Instagram reels.

Best Anime Prompts by Midjourney - image 3

However, we ended up with an unexpected and unrealistic images.

Best Anime Prompts by Midjourney - image 4

After trying a couple of times, we finally obtained the image below. Ultimately, we achieved this image. You can compare the first image with this one. We still don’t quite like the appearance of the grass at the bottom, but overall, we were satisfied. So, this is one example.


We would like to share our experience and help those interested in obtaining comprehensive information from our blog. Here is a link where you can find our 4K images on Instagram, which are highly favored by many. In our next blog post, we will share additional examples to provide you with more inspiration.

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