Best Parks in Calgary for Toddlers

Calgary is a city brimming with beautiful parks and outdoor spaces perfect for families with toddlers. Among these parks, two stand out as must-visit destinations: Bowness Park and Carburn Park. Each park offers unique experiences tailored to young families looking for fun, safe outdoor activities in Calgary. This post will explain about those parks and hope this helps when you choose your next plan.

Best Parks in Calgary for Toddlers

Bowness Park

Bowness Park encompasses over 30 hectares of land adorned with mature trees and green spaces ideal for leisurely strolls or bike rides. The park’s amenities include picnic areas, barbecue stands, boating services in summer months and ice-skating during winter – making it an all-year-round destination.

The park’s location near the river also provides ample opportunities to spot wildlife – beavers are known to make appearances here! And let’s not forget about its scenic lagoon where you can enjoy paddle boating or simply watch ducks glide by – truly a picture-perfect setting!

Best Parks in Calgary for Toddlers

Best Picnic Spots at Bowness Park

A picnic at Bowness Park promises not just good food but also great views! The park boasts several spots perfect for laying out your blanket or setting up your portable table.
If you love being near water bodies, pick a spot around the area where numerous tables are available right next to it. Here you can have your meal while watching ducks paddle past or kids enjoying their boat rides.

And for those who prefer wide-open spaces under clear blue skies should head towards the main lawn area which provides plenty space for kids to run around freely after their meal.
Also, if you’re planning larger gatherings or simply prefer some shade while eating then opt for one among three bookable picnic shelters located within the park premises equipped with tables and BBQ stands.

Remember that packing a well-stocked picnic basket not only ensures everyone has plenty to eat but can also serve as an excellent opportunity to teach toddlers about sharing food in communal settings!

Best Parks in Calgary for Toddlers

Carburn Park

Now let’s venture eastward along the Bow River to discover another family-friendly gem: Carburn Park. This park is a quieter retreat compared to its counterparts in Calgary, making it an ideal spot for families seeking tranquility amidst nature.

Child-Safe Playgrounds at Carburn Park

One of the highlights of Carburn Park is its two playgrounds designed with children in mind. Specifically designed for younger children under five years old, this playground offers equipment that encourages motor skill development while ensuring their safety. For older kids (5-12 years), this playground provides more challenging structures like climbing nets and swings but still maintains necessary safety standards.

Whether your little ones are just learning to walk or have been running around for a few years now, these play areas provide safe environments where they can burn off some energy while you relax knowing they’re secure.

Best Parks in Calgary for Toddlers

Tips for Visiting Parks with Toddlers

Visiting parks with toddlers can be both exciting and challenging! Here are some tips to ensure your park visit goes smoothly:

  • Pack essentials like snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, hats etc.
  • Bring your stroller or carrier for your toddlers
  • Bring toys or games they enjoy playing outdoors.
  • Plan visits during cooler parts of day (early morning or late afternoon) when sun isn’t too harsh.
  • Always supervise your child near water bodies.
  • Check the weather and decide whether to go to an indoor playground or visit parks

Our Thoughts

Bowness park and Carburn park offer excellent outdoor experiences tailored towards families with toddlers in Calgary. Whether you’re planning a picnic, or a day at the playgrounds, these parks promise fun-filled environments that your little ones will love! So why wait? Pack those picnic baskets and head out to explore Bowness or Carburn Parks – two must-visit family destinations among all parks in Calgary!

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