Calgary Zoo Canadian Wilds Redevelopment

The North Path area of the Canadian Wilds is currently closed for construction and development. So, few animals like wolf and moose are not viewable in Calgary Zoo. This construction will be end this fall hopefully. However, the good news is two polar bears are coming from Winnipeg which is good so Calgarian doesn’t need to go to Winnipeg to see Polar bear anymore.

The Calgary Zoo is the second largest zoo in Canada. There is so much to see that one day may not be enough, so please read this post to get some information. If the weather is bad or cold, find indoor activities from the other blog post if needed.

Calgary Zoo Canadian Wilds Redevelopment

How to get there

If you’re taking public transportation, there is Calgary Zoo Station. It’s easy to find, just take NE line and go two more stops from City Hall Station. If you’re driving, you can park at the zoo parking lot and enter the zoo.



Adult: $34.95 + GST, Senior (60+): $32.95 + GST, Child/Youth (3-15): $24.95 + GST, Infant (under 3): Free


To join the membership, there are 3 levels: Inspire ($144.95), Engage ($89.95), and Connect ($69.95). Only one parent needs to buy the Engage plan, and the other can purchase the Connect plan. Since the Engage plan includes free parking, both parents do not need to choose Engage. You can purchase online or at the zoo entrance. Click here for more details.


Open daily from 9am to 6pm. Must enter before 5pm.


It would be a good idea to pack a lunchbox and bring it if you plan on spending the whole day. However, there are restaurants inside the zoo, so you can also eat there. If you want to have a special experience with your children, it would be a good idea to take advantage of the Sunday Safari Brunch.

what to see

In the picture above, it looks very big. If you can’t see it all, I recommend coming back to see it again. Especially since the penguins are very popular, you must see them before you leave. In the winter, you can also see them walking outside.

Canadian Wilds

You can meet wild animals that live in Canada. Maybe, you may have seen once while traveling in Canada.

The Calgary Zoo also has a playground. It is a space where children can play that families with children will love it.

Prehistoric Park

There are various dinosaur models, making it a special place for children who love dinosaurs. It’s a good place to take a walk, so it’s worth a visit.

Calgary Zoo Canadian Wilds Redevelopment

Destination Africa

There are animals that can be seen in Africa such as lions, gorillas, hippos, and giraffes. You can even see baby gorillas if you go now. It’s always amazing to see the large hippos swimming.

Exploration Asia

The Zoo used to have pandas, but they went back to China because of COVID-19. Now, there are red pandas instead.

Dorothy Harvie Gardens

It would be better to go in the summer than in the winter so that you can see beautiful landscapes and the flamingos will greet you warmly.

Our Thoughts

The Calgary Zoo is not just a space for children. Adults can also come and feel like they’ve returned to their childhood and enjoy watching various animals without any thoughts. If you check the website, there are also various events, so please refer to them. Finally, there are various items for sale at the souvenir shop, so it would be nice to visit and buy the gifts.

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