Calgary’s Top 3 unforgettable Spots: Calaway Park, Calgary Farmyard, & Saskatoon Farm

These three unforgettable Spots are not located within Calgary.

You’ll need to drive a bit outside of Calgary to reach them. The reason these places are popular is because they offer unique experiences. First, you can experience a variety of amusement rides at Calaway Park. Second, you can have an authentic farm experience at Calgary Farmyard. Lastly, you can have hands-on experiences with nature each season and also enjoy delicious food at their restaurant while making memories at Saskatoon Farm.

In this post, we’re going to explain in detail about these three attractions. After reading through to the end, you can decide which place suits you best for your visit. Whether you’re a local or planning your next family vacation to Calgary, these destinations should be on your next itinerary. Please refer to the link if you need to find more attractions in Calgary.

Calgary's Top 3 unforgettable Spots: Calaway Park, Calgary Farmyard, & Saskatoon Farm
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Unleashing Fun at Calaway Park

Calaway Park is a big deal. It’s the largest outdoor family amusement park in Western Canada. This fun place is just outside of Calgary. It has more than 32 rides and things to see and do.

There are all kinds of rides at Calaway Park. Some rides are really exciting and fast, like the roller coasters. But there are also calmer rides for kids.

But Calaway Park isn’t just about rides. They also have live shows with very talented performers that you can watch. Getting tickets for less money to Calaway Park is not hard! If you think you’ll go to Calaway Park many times in one year, it might be a good idea to buy a season pass.

A Fun Day at Calgary Farmyard

Calgary Farmyard is a great place to visit. This place is like a real farm. One of the best things about Calgary Farmyard is the giant maze made from corn. At Calgary Farmyard, you can get up close with farm animals. It’s fun to feel their soft fur and see them eat out of your hand.

If you’re looking for something more active, they have pedal carts. It is like riding a bike but even more fun because it’s on four wheels! You can race your friends or family around their track.

Another fun thing to do at Calgary Farmyard is going on tractor-pulled wagon rides. You sit in a wagon and a tractor pulls you around the farm. It’s an easy way to see lots of the farm without having to walk everywhere. When it’s time for lunch, you’re allowed to bring your own food at Calgary Farmyard and they even have special areas where you can sit down and eat while enjoying Alberta’s beautiful summer weather.

Calgary's Top 3 unforgettable Spots: Calaway Park, Calgary Farmyard, & Saskatoon Farm
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A Fun Berry Picking Day at the Saskatoon Farm

The Saskatoon Farm is a special place not too far from Calgary. This farm is known for growing Saskatoon berries. If you like picking fruit, you’ll love this farm! The best time to pick these berries is usually from late July through August.

Picking berries can make you hungry! Luckily, The Saskatoon Farm has a restaurant that serves delicious food made from ingredients grown right there on the farm.

After spending time picking and eating Saskatoon berries, try some of their dishes made with these sweet fruits. You won’t want to miss trying something with Saskatoon berries for dessert! It’s a perfect way to end your adventure at The Saskatoon Farm.


  • Always check attraction websites before visiting for latest updates on opening hours.
  • Weekdays usually see fewer crowds than weekends.
  • Comfortable shoes are the key how much walking you’ll do!
  • Pack essentials such as water bottles & snacks.
  • Make every visit memorable by taking lots of photos

Our Thoughts

In this post, we’ve explored the thrill of Calaway Park, the charm of Calgary Farmyard, and the tranquility of The Saskatoon Farm. So why wait? Plan your Alberta adventure today and make unforgettable memories! Safe travels!

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