Cheap Rent a Car to Banff for 2 Days

If it’s your first time in Calgary, you might find it easy to rent a car at the Calgary airport. This gives you the liberty to discover the city and its vicinity on your own terms. Plus, possessing a car simplifies your journey from Calgary to Banff whenever you decide to make that trip.

Cheap Rent a Car to Banff for 2 Days

Rent car reservation

Calgary Airport

If you have planned a two-day trip, the next step is to reserve a car. If you just landed at the airport, rental car companies are located across the street once you exit the airport. Among the various rental car companies, you can book the car that you want and fits your budget. it is recommended book in advance so that you don’t need to spend lots of time at the airport. You can compare the price from the online so you can decide.

While many companies may attempt to convince you to buy extra insurance and assure you that refilling the gas tank isn’t required, it’s not mandatory if it’s not needed. It’s crucial when hiring a car to ensure that there are no damages present on the vehicle. The best way to check your vehicle is to take a video to make sure everywhere you can record.


Staying downtown and renting a car from there won’t pose any problems. You can easily locate a car rental company in downtown and book it in advance. Also, there are many website you can compare the prices like Kayak.

Cheap Rent a Car to Banff for 2 Days

Drive from Calgary to Banff

Downtown Calgary is compact enough to be explored in a day. Afterward, you can rent a car and drive to Banff. The most straightforward route is via Highway 1, which offers beautiful views along the way.

Upon arrival at Banff National Park, there will be an entrance fee because it’s a national park. You’ll receive a receipt after paying this fee, which should be displayed on the front of your vehicle to avoid any penalties and allow for unrestricted access within the park boundaries. It’s important not to lose this receipt as it grants you access throughout the park.


If you have arrived in Banff, you need to find a place to park. Should your accommodation be in Banff, parking at the hotel is an option. However, if you’re staying elsewhere, you’ll need to resort to street parking or utilize designated parking areas. Since Banff Avenue is the main road, park nearby and explore. After enjoying downtown Banff, you can drive to several tourist attractions. There are many places to see such as Banff Gondola, Banff Springs Hotel, Hoodoos, and Hot Springs, so take enough time to enjoy them. Banff is expensive to stay, so it is recommended to stay in Canmore, about 20 minutes away from Banff.

Cheap Rent a Car to Banff for 2 Days


Canmore Downtown has a different atmosphere than Banff Downtown, so there are many things to see. Be sure to visit downtown. In addition, there are various facilities in Canmore such as accommodations, restaurants, cafes, and galleries, so you can take your time and look around by car.

Lake Louise, Moraine Lake

The next day, you can depart to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake from Banff or Canmore. To visit the two lakes, you need to book a shuttle, and detailed instructions are left in another blog post but, take a look this. As the two lakes are very famous, you need to book the shuttle in advance and check the weather beforehand to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Our Thoughts

There are ways to get to Banff like taking a bus. However, the journey of renting a car and taking a two-day trip to Calgary, Banff, and Lake Louise is a popular itinerary for first-time visitors or those who prefer a relaxed travel pace. If time allows, extending the trip to Jasper is also an option. The next step is simply putting these plans into motion. To ensure a safe journey, always keep an eye on the weather forecasts and carry spare medication with you.

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