Churchill Polar Bear Tours 2024

When tourists make the plan to visit in Canada, usually they talk about the major cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, and Montreal. Today, we recommend a special small town which is Churchill. It is a small town located in Manitoba. It has been a popular destination for tourists to see polar bears. However, it is not an easy place to get to there and you have to do a lot of research to find what do to. So, we want to introduce Churchill who wants to travel a particular town.

How to Get There


Tourists can travel to Churchill through Via Rail departing from Winnipeg. The route is 1697km long and takes two days. Via Rail offered economy and sleeper plus. For more information about this trip, please refer to Via Rail. Train travel is recommended for travelers who want to enjoy a leisurely journey and have time, as it is cheaper than flying. Previous blog post has the detail information about Via Rail. It might be worth checking out if you are interested.


Usually, people go through Winnipeg to Churchill, but there are also flights from Calgary or Montreal in specific time. Although they can be very expensive, it will be the advantage of saving a lot of time.

Why We Travel to Churchill

Polar Bear (Oct – Nov)

Male polar bears grow over 600kg (1,320 pounds) and reach a height of 3.05m (10 feet). However, don’t be fooled by their massive size. These white bears can move with surprising speed and agility. They are skilled hunters who can detect the presence of a seal less than 3 feet of snow and ice from over 30km away.

Beluga Whale Tour (July – Aug)

They live in relatively warm waters of the chilly river after the ice has broken. The river provides a safe place for Belugas and their calves to feed and rest. You can join the boats that offer tours to observe this majestic and sociable creature in its natural habitat. For those who love adventure, kayaking tours with a guide or paddleboard tours with whales will create unforgettable memories.

Northern Lights

Churchill is a great place to travel in winter because it is as good as Yellowknife for observing the aurora. Aurora can be seen about 300 days a year, making it a great place to observe.

Churchill polar bear tours 2024

Popular Tour Companies

Traveling the first time can be challenging, so here are some companies you may want to consider to help your trip.

Frontiers North Adventures

This company specializes in polar bear tours and offers unique experiences in the tundra buggy. You will have the opportunity to approach polar bears safely from inside a vehicle. Their packages range from day trips to multi-day expeditions that include accommodations and meals. Tourists can have dinner while watching the aurora at Dan’s Diner as well.

Lazy Bear Expeditions

Lazy Bear Lodge offers customized tours for viewing polar bears, beluga whales, and the Northern Lights. They provide comfortable accommodations and a range of activities, including wildlife encounters, boat tours, kayaking, and walking tours, among others.

Churchill Wild

Churchill Wild specializes in walking and photography tours in the remote wilderness lodges along Hudson Bay’s coastline. Their unique tours offer an opportunity to get up close and personal with polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.

Great White Bear Tours

Great White Bear Tours is all about polar bear safaris, with customized polar rovers taking visitors close to the bears while ensuring their safety. They offer day trips and multi-day tour packages that also include Northern Lights viewing during the evenings.

Sea North Tours

Sea North Tours focuses on beluga whale watching, boat tours, and snorkeling or kayaking with belugas. Additionally, they offer bird watching and Northern Lights trips depending on the season.

Churchill polar bear tours 2024

Things to Know Before You Travel to Churchill

  • Polar bear – Oct to Nov
  • Beluga – July to Aug
  • Recommend at least 5 days to travel in Churchill due to weather issue
  • Reserve the tours in advance
  • No roads to Churchill
  • Stay for the other wildlife – Fox, Owls, Wolves
  • Northern lights – Feb to March

Our Thoughts

If you want a relaxed trip, taking a train and coming from Winnipeg might be a good idea. The internet may not work well, but you can prepare books and videos in advance. If you plan to go to Churchill, October to November will be the best time. It is a chance to see polar bears and auroras. You may not be able to see Beluga in Oct to Nov, but if you have a good time, you can come again to see Beluga.

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