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SunoAI helps you make amazing music without needing any special tools or knowing how to play instruments. All you have to do is subscribe to SunoAI and start creating your music. It’s that simple! With AI technology getting better every day, we’re seeing lots of new AI tools pop up, like ChatGPT for chatting and various tools for creating pictures. This jump in technology is getting more people excited about making new stuff. One really cool thing coming out of this is music made by AI. For those of us who love music but don’t know how to make a song from the ground up, AI is a game changer. It lets us make our own music easily, just by giving it some instructions.

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In short, if you’ve always wanted to make music but felt held back because you didn’t have the skills or tools, SunoAI is here to help. With just a few clicks, you can start creating your own tunes, thanks to the power of AI. It’s an exciting time to explore your musical creativity, even if you’re starting from scratch.

SunoAI Music

There’s a plethora of tools available out there, but the one we’ve decided to use is SunoAI. It was launched a few years back, and we first gave it a try last year. Initially, we could only create music lasting a few seconds, and it was completely free to use. The only requirement was having internet access.


The quality of AI-generated music isn’t perfect compared to traditional songs. There’s a bit of noise and a mechanical undertone, especially noticeable with lyrics. However, instrumental tracks fare much better. We encourage you to listen to some of the tracks available on their website (link) to experience it yourself. From our experience, Suno excels in instrumental music, while Udio performs better with lyric-based tracks. Now, you can create songs up to 4 minutes long, and there’s even an option to extend your song if it’s not long enough. Downloading the music is straightforward, allowing you to produce full songs with SunoAI.


You have the freedom to create music in any style you desire. For instance, you can explore styles and genres here. When crafting your prompts, consider specifying elements like below.

Prompt: Lo-fi, Mid-tempo, Emotional Acoustic guitar, outro

You might also want to include an [outro] at the end to ensure your song feels complete, rather than abruptly ending. The website allows you to select a style and tailor your prompt accordingly.


There are subscription plans available, allowing you to access more credits for a fee.

Suno – Pro Plan: $10

Udio – Pro Plan: $10

Opting for an annual payment can make these plans more affordable. While there is a free plan available, it does not allow for monetization. However, copyright issues are resolved with a subscription.

Another choice is using Udio, which is an AI similar to SunoAI. A lot of people use both, and they’re really competing with each other. We think SunoAI is the better choice and recommend using it. But, Udio is also a good option.

Both SunoAI and Udio let you make music without needing any special tools or knowledge about music. This is great for people who love music but have never learned how to make it. These AI tools are changing the game, making it possible for anyone to be a musician.

In the world of AI music, SunoAI and Udio are big names. They’re like the Coke and Pepsi of AI music. Both are popular, and people have their preferences. We lean towards SunoAI because we think it’s a bit better. But that doesn’t mean Udio isn’t worth trying. It’s also a great tool for making music.

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Our YouTube Channel


We’ve recently launched a lo-fi YouTube channel to showcase the songs we’ve created using AI-generated music. We’ve uploaded these tracks on YouTube, proving that all you need is the right mindset and to follow the steps. To create images, we used Midjourney, as it is the best AI image generator.

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