How to Create Reels with Image Generator AI Tool

In the last couple of years Image Generator AI Tools are developed huge and the advent of AI technologies like ChatGPT has revolutionized how we interact with digital content. Since its publication two years ago, not only have countless individuals begun to utilize AI, but numerous companies have also heavily invested in AI technologies like Image Generator AI Tools, accelerating their development at an unprecedented pace. Moreover, with the recent announcement of GPT-4o by ChatGPT, it’s evident that the capabilities of AI are expanding in ways we could hardly have imagined.

The rapid evolution of technology, especially considering that smartphones were introduced less than 20 years ago, continually surprises us with its potential.
Despite these advancements, social media platforms such as Instagram and others remain popular, with features like reels continuing to engage users. People have traditionally created reels by taking pictures or videos and sharing them on these platforms. However, a new method has emerged, thanks to the development of image generator AI tools like Midjourney. These tools offer a unique and innovative way to create captivating content for reels.

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Content Creation

The integration of AI in content creation has opened up new avenues for creativity. Image generator AI tools, in particular, have become a game-changer, allowing users to generate images from textual descriptions. This not only simplifies the content creation process but also makes it more accessible to a wider audience. Midjourney stands out as a leading image generator AI tool that enables users to create visually stunning images for reels. Its user-friendly interface and powerful AI algorithms make it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced creators alike.

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Creating Reels with Midjourney

Getting Started

To begin with Midjourney, sign up and familiarize yourself with its interface. Understand the basic commands and how to navigate through the tool. It’s up to you whether you use your personal account or create a new one, but you need to ensure your account is a business account, as it has more features, including access to reports.

Conceptualizing Your Reel

Think about the theme or story you want your reel to convey. With Midjourney, you can turn your ideas into visual representations by simply describing them in words.

Our case

We checked our phone and picked a video from a trip we took a few years ago.

Creating Your Images

Use the image generator AI to produce the images for your reel. Be specific with your descriptions to get the best results. Experiment with different prompts to see how variations in your input can alter the output. 

Our case

We tried to create similar AI-generated images with Midjourney.

Editing and Finalizing

Once you have your images, you may want to edit them to fit your reel perfectly. While Midjourney generates high-quality images, customizing them can add a personal touch.

Our case

We used a template from Instagram to create a reel. We believe this is an easy way, and depending on your preference, you can use other tools like CapCut or other AI video converters.

Sharing on Social Media

With your images ready, compile them into a reel. Utilize the editing tools on your preferred social media platform to add music, text, or effects that enhance your reel.

Discover outcome

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Why Use an Image Generator AI like Midjourney?


Create high-quality images in a fraction of the time it would take to produce them manually.


Unleash your creativity by exploring endless possibilities with AI-generated imagery.


Make content creation more accessible, with no need for advanced graphic design skills.

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As we look to the future, the integration of AI in social media content creation is expected to deepen. Image generator AI tools like Midjourney not only democratize content creation but also push the boundaries of creativity. The possibilities are boundless, and as AI continue to evolve, so too will the ways in which we create and consume content. Below is a link from which you can download a 4k wallpaper on Ko-fi. Feel free to download it.

Download 4k Wallpaper

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