How to Upscale Midjourney Image AI Creator to 4K

In our last post, we shared how easy it is to post Midjourney Generative AI images on social media. Now that you are an Image AI Creator how to upload and post, you’re probably looking to get high-quality images. So, we will introduce how to upscale images.

Image AI Creator

In the world of Image AI Creator, Midjourney has become a popular tool for creating stunning visuals. However, one limitation of Midjourney is its inability to generate images in 4K resolution directly. If you’re someone who appreciates the finer details and wants to showcase your AI-generated masterpieces in their full glory, upscaling to 4K is a must. That’s where Upscayl comes into play – a powerful software that can transform your Midjourney Image AI Creator into ultra-high-definition 4K masterpieces.

What is Upscayl?

Upscayl is a user-friendly upscaling software designed specifically for enhancing the resolution of images. It utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to intelligently analyze and reconstruct images, resulting in sharper, more detailed versions without compromising quality. Upscayl is a go-to choice for many AI artists and enthusiasts who demand the highest resolution for their creations.

Why Upscale to 4K?

In today’s digital landscape, where high-resolution displays and large-scale prints are becoming increasingly common, having your images in 4K resolution is crucial. 4K, or Ultra High Definition (UHD), offers four times the resolution of standard 1080p Full HD, resulting in stunningly crisp and detailed visuals. Whether you’re creating wallpapers for high-resolution displays, printing large-format artwork, or simply wanting to showcase your creations in their best possible form, upscaling to 4K is a game-changer.

For example, as someone who posts 4K wallpapers on Ko-fi for users to download and enjoy, upscaling your Midjourney Image AI Creator to 4K ensures that your audience can appreciate the intricate details and vibrant colors of your creations to the fullest extent.

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Downloading and Installing Upscayl Getting started with Upscayl is a breeze. Here’s how you can download and install the software.

Visit the official Upscayl website and click on the “Download” button.

Choose the appropriate version for your operating system (Windows, macOS, or Linux).

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Once installed, you’re ready to upscale your Midjourney Image AI Creator to 4K with just a few clicks.

Using Upscayl Upscayl’s user interface is designed to be intuitive and beginner-friendly. Here’s a quick guide to using the software.

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  1. Open Upscayl and click on the “Select Image” button to select the Midjourney image you want to upscale or you can simply drag and drop.
  2. In the main window, you’ll see the original image and a preview of the upscaled version.
  3. Adjust the settings as needed, such as choosing the desired output resolution (4K), double Upscayl, and set output folder.
  4. Click on the “Upscayl” button to initiate the upscaling process.
  5. Once the upscaling is complete, you can save the 4K image to your desired location that you selected.

Where to Use 4k Images

We use 4K images to post on Ko-fi for people who want to view the images in a better environment and for those who want to download them for various purposes, such as using them on their products or saving them on their phones.


Upscaling your Midjourney Image AI Creator to 4K with Upscayl is a game-changer for AI artists and enthusiasts who demand the highest resolution and detail. With its user-friendly interface, advanced algorithms, and powerful features, Upscayl empowers you to take your creations to new heights. Whether you’re showcasing your work on high-resolution displays, printing large-format artwork, or simply wanting to appreciate the intricate details of your AI-generated masterpieces, Upscayl is the tool you need to unlock the full potential of your Midjourney Image AI Creator. Below is a link from which you can download a 4k wallpaper on Ko-fi and we created from Upscayl. Feel free to download it.

Download 4k Wallpaper

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