How to Write Prompts for Anime Style in Midjourney


By writing inventive text prompts, you can generate original characters, scenery, and entire worlds straight out of the anime realm. In this post, we’ll show how to write prompts that yield mind-blowing anime imagery in Midjourney. Whether you’re a longtime anime fan or simply inspired by the art’s vibrant style, you’ll soon be creating anime magic with ease.

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The Anatomy of an Anime Prompt While prompting may seem like a novel writing exercise, there’s a method to composing prompts that Midjourney understands. There’s no right answer because it’s AI at work, but we’ll share what we’ve seen work best in our own experience.

[Subject/Scene] + [Art Style] + [Inspiration/Reference] + [Additional Details]

For instance

“Cyberpunk anime city, pastel colors, style of Akira”

“Fantasy anime elf princess, garden scenery, studio Ghibli inspired”

Let’s break down each of these components:

Crafting the Perfect Subject/Scene The subject or scene you describe lays the critical foundation for your anime artwork. This is where you set the stage by depicting the main elements, characters, and setting you want Midjourney to visualize.

For anime, popular subjects could include

  • Powerful warriors, ninjas, or samurai
  • Magical girls or fantasy heroes
  • Peaceful scenic environments like forests or shrines
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Nailing the Anime Art Style

Of course, clearly indicating the anime art style is essential for achieving those signature aesthetics.

“Anime style” or “Anime art”

“Manga style” or “Manga illustration”

Naming specific anime aesthetics like “Ghibli style” or “Cyberpunk anime”

You can even combine multiple styles, like “Dark fantasy anime art, comic book style” to blend different visual influences. Getting Inspiration from Anime Artists For an added boost of anime authenticity, you can name-drop famous anime artists or studios as reference points for Midjourney’s AI to learn from.

Some examples: “Makoto Shinkai style anime” “in the style of Studio Ghibli” “Inspired by Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball art”

Taking It Up a Notch with Details

While the core subject, style, and inspiration components are crucial, you can refine your prompts even further with additional descriptive details.

Color Palettes like “vibrant neon colors” or “muted pastel tones” can give your anime art a distinct visual flair.

Lighting and Angles Play with prompts like “golden lighting” or “blue sky” to experiment with different lighting setups and camera angles.

You can also add features from Midjourney, such as Style or Chaos.

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How to write Prompts Examples

To give you some first-hand inspiration, here are 10 prompts that yielded anime artwork in Midjourney.

“Elegant anime princess with long flowing hair, ornate ball gown dress, fantasy flower garden scenery”

“Badass cyberpunk anime girl, motorcycle, neon-lit futuristic cityscape at night”

“Studio Ghibli style peaceful anime landscape, walking path through magic forest, sunbeams”

“Group of fantasy RPG anime heroes, female knight and wizards, preparing for epic battle”

“Retro 80s style apocalyptic anime mecha robot, wasteland scenery”

“Shonen anime martial arts master, dynamic pose, cherry blossom tree background”

“Dreamy pastel anime summer scenery, magical girl eating ice cream cone”

“Howl’s Moving Castle inspired steampunk anime airship, soaring over village”

“Naruto anime ninja warrior woman with mystical energy aura, epic battle stance”

“Fantasy anime elf swordsman warrior, detailed ornate armor, walking alone in dark forest”

For each of these prompts, make note of how they incorporated the core components like subject, style, inspiration, and descriptive details we covered. With practice, you’ll be able to do your own prompts just as powerful.

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By now, you’ve gained a deep understanding of how to craft spellbinding anime prompts that unlock Midjourney’s full creative potential. From dreaming up unique characters and scenarios to capturing the essence of classic anime art styles, this AI image generator is limited only by the bounds of your imagination.

So keep experimenting, refining your prompts, and having fun bringing your anime visions to life. The more you prompt, the more your skills will level up—revealing new realms of anime artistry. Below is a link from which you can download a 4k wallpaper on Ko-fi. Feel free to download it.

Download 4k Wallpaper

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