limousine service Vancouver to Whistler

Are you ready to enjoy various activities during the vacation in Whistler?

Whistler was almost crowded with ski enthusiasts in winter. This is a place with world-famous ski resorts and courses. However, Whistler is an attraction where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities even in summer, providing beautiful scenery with forests, mountains and lakes.

limousine service vancouver to whistler

How to get there


The most common way to get to Whistler is by car. Vancouver is approximately 120 km away from Whistler, and the trip usually takes around two and a half hours. You can either rent a car or use your own to follow the Highway 99 to Whistler. This expressway offers stunning views of the mountains and sea. There are several major attractions along the way, so be sure to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Recommended place

If there is anything you would like to see while you are on the way to Whistler, we would recommend a few places. The first is Park Royal Mall. It’s not a bad idea to look around here for a while and rest. The second is Ambleside Park, which is closed to Park Royal Mall. The view here is very nice and it’s a good place to take a walk with your dog.

It it nice view when you are on way to Whistler, so look outside except for the driver. On the middle of your way, you’ll find a small town called Squamish. We recommend taking a walk in the village and trying some delicious food.


If you don’t have a car or can’t drive, don’t worry. There is a bus from Vancouver to Whistler. The price is $32 one-way and $42 Round-trip. You can visit the website to get more details.

Limousine service

This is the ultimate luxury service that you must try. It’s highly popular among people seeking a comprehensive experience on their trips from Vancouver to Whistler. People adore this service for its comfort, luxury, and convenience. Unlike other options, there are no tight schedules on this trip, providing flexibility to your travel plans. In addition to these benefits, the service ensures privacy and safety with professional drivers at the helm. The only consideration is that it can be expensive depending on which company you choose. Here are a few companies you might want to consider: Alpine North Limousine, Time Limousine Service, and KJ Limousine Services. Each offers exceptional services but differ in terms of pricing and additional offerings.

limousine service vancouver to whistler

Things to know before you travel to Whistler

  • Decide if you are going to use either a car or a bus
  • Hotels are expensive. Recommend you to look for other options
  • If you want to use a hot Tub, prepare extra clothes
  • If you’re skiing in Whistler, look for hotels and accommodation in Whistler Village.
  • Ski passes are cheaper to buy online
  • Most hotels can cook, so if you want to spend a long time in town, it is recommended that you could get the grocery before. The food is very expensive in town
  • Recommend to go on weekdays. Hotels are expensive and there are many people on weekend
  • You can put a stroller on the gondola, but you have to hold a baby because the land is not good on top of the mountain
  • You have to sit on the left side to get a good view of the sea on the bus

Our Thoughts

If you are traveling with your baby or children, we recommend Vallea Lumina. You cannot bring a stroller, so you need a baby carrier. It will be an unforgettable experience for the children. If you look up from where there is no light on the way, you can see the Milky Way in the sky. It is recommended that you make a reservation in advance.

If you are going with a partner or friend, we recommend Zip Trek. It is one of the popular outdoor activities where you can zip down between forests and mountain peaks, enjoying unique views and quickly moving from one point to another.


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