Megabus Toronto to Niagara Falls

How to Get There


A personal car would be the most convenient route. If you do not have a car and are traveling from another location, renting a car from the airport is also a good option.


Megabus is a bus that goes directly from downtown Toronto to Niagara Falls. You need to make a reservation in advance, and the price is difference depending on the time and day, so you need to be sure to check and purchase carefully.

Train + Bus

This was is the cheapest way to get there but requires your patience. You have to take a train from Union Station Go to Burlington Station Go and then take a bus from Burlington Station Go to Niagara Falls. Also, you  need to confirm the schedules.

Tour Package

It’s the easiest way. You don’t need to know about public transportation, just follow the instructions and get on the tour bus at the meeting place. It’s recommended for people who don’t like complicated things and don’t have enough time. However, please note that the price is expensive.

Megabus Toronto to Niagara Falls

Places to Visit in Niagara Falls

Hornblower Cruise

We will be riding the Hornblower Cruise as we are taking a cruise in Canada. It takes about 20 minutes to get close to the waterfall, and they provide raincoats because of the mist. In Canada, they give out red raincoats, while the cruises coming from the United States give out blue raincoats. When the water droplets from the waterfall hit the travelers, it creates a rainbow. If you are lucky, you might even see a double rainbow.


Adult (+13) $32.75, Child (3-12) $22.75, Infant Free

Journey Behind the falls

By taking the elevator down 38 meters, you can enter behind the lake waterfall. Two entrances can be seen midway through the 198 meter walk from the elevator, and they are right behind the waterfall. Be careful as the floor may be slippery. If you go a little further, you will reach the last point where the view of the waterfall which is beautiful.


Adult (+13) $24, Child (3-12) $16, Infant Free

Whirlpool Aero Car

Not recommended for people with acrophobia, but you can enjoy the scenery while watching the whirlpool. This place is also beautiful like a waterfall.


Adult (+13) $17.50, Child (3-12) $11.50, Infant Free

Niagara’s Fury

It is a great place for children. They also provide raincoats. You can enjoy a 4D cinema experience by watching a video. It is a waterfall experience that you can enjoy through a video.


Adult (+13) $17.50, Child (3-12) $11.50, Infant Free

Skylon Tower

If you already enjoyed the waterfall on a cruise, now you have the opportunity to view it from the sky. You can enjoy the view while having a meal at Skylon Tower. The taste would be even better if you eat while seeing the beautiful view.

Clifton Hill

If you got wet at Niagara Falls, now you should dry your clothes. You can enjoy various entertainments at Clifton Hill. There are various amusement rides, souvenir shops, and many restaurants. If you are with children, they will want to ride the amusement rides. In this case, we recommend the Fun Pass, which allows you to ride at a discounted price.

Megabus Toronto to Niagara Falls

Things to Know Before You Travel

  • While riding on the Hornblower Cruise, you will get wet, so it is recommended to take pictures of Niagara Falls with you before getting on the cruise
  • Spend time to look around near Niagara Falls
  • A small park near the waterfall, so picnic is possible
  • Recommend to see the waterfall view at night, as it is beautiful
  • Skylon Tower – Elevator 1 for city view, and 6 for waterfall view

Our Thoughts

Travelers who do not live in Toronto, we recommend a 2-day trip. There are plenty of activities and attractions near Niagara Falls. You will regret it if you cannot enjoy all of them and have to go back. The places we introduced are the most popular among them. However, if you want to do something else, you can click here.

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