Midjourney Anime and Painting Style Tips Without Niji

Painting Style

Midjourney is a tool powered by artificial intelligence, specifically designed for generating images. What makes it unique is its ability to produce visuals in a wide array of styles. This includes an assortment of painting styles, both traditional and digital. Even though Midjourney doesn’t come with a preset catalog of painting styles for users to choose from directly, it’s incredibly adept at crafting images that closely resemble the techniques and aesthetics of various painting methods. Here are some examples.

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Oil painting


Acrylic painting

Pastel drawing

Charcoal drawing

Pencil drawing

Ink wash painting

Sumi-e ink painting

Gouache painting

Impasto painting

Abstract expressionism

Pop art

Digital painting

Pixel art

Anime/Manga style

Experiment with those painting styles, and should you have a specific aesthetic in mind, Midjourney is capable of transforming that vision into an image. This makes it a versatile and powerful tool for crafting custom artwork. Whether you’re drawn to the intricate brush strokes of classical oil paintings or prefer the sleek finishes characteristic of digital art, Midjourney has the sophisticated AI image generation capabilities to bring your ideas to life.

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Anime Style

While Midjourney doesn’t have a specific menu of anime styles you can just pick from, you have the flexibility to steer it in the direction you want by using detailed descriptions in your requests. For example, if you describe the kind of anime or manga style you’re thinking of—maybe you’re looking for something that resembles the classic, hand-drawn look of early anime, or perhaps you prefer the crisp, digital aesthetics of modern anime—Midjourney can use those cues to produce images that match those styles.

The key is in how you communicate your vision: the more specific you are about the characteristics, themes, and elements common to the anime or manga style you have in mind, the better Midjourney can do at generating art that feels right at home in the world of anime and manga. So, even without a direct list of styles to choose from, your detailed prompts can effectively guide the AI, allowing you to explore a wide variety of anime and manga artistic expressions. Here are some examples.

Studio Ghibli style

Makoto Shinkai style

Cyberpunk anime style

Shounen anime style

Shoujo anime style

Slice-of-life anime style

Magical girl anime style

Mecha anime style

Isekai anime style

Dark fantasy anime style

Cel-shaded anime style

Anime movie style

Ghibli-inspired anime style

Retro anime style

Seinen anime style

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Example of prompts with Anime Style

Below are examples for your reference on how to use the prompts and what they might look like.

A lush, tropical island paradise with white sandy beaches, vibrant flowers, and a cascading waterfall, in the Studio Ghibli style

A sun-drenched hilltop meadow with wildflowers, butterflies, and a distant mountain range, in the Makoto Shinkai style

A serene mountain lake with a traditional Japanese pagoda on the shore, surrounded by cherry blossom trees in full bloom, in the Princess Mononoke style

A whimsical fairy glen with towering mushrooms, glowing fireflies, and mythical creatures frolicking among the wildflowers, in the Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind style

A peaceful countryside scene with rolling hills, fields of sunflowers, and a quaint village nestled among the valleys, in the Ghibli films style

A vibrant, tropical beach with crystal-clear waters, palm trees, and colorful beach huts nestled among the cliffs, in the cyberpunk anime style

A serene mountain stream with a wooden bridge, surrounded by lush greenery and a traditional Japanese village, in the shounen anime style

A mystical forest glade with ancient trees, glowing mushrooms, and fairies dancing among the sunbeams, in the shoujo anime style

A sun-drenched vineyard with rows of grapevines, a rustic villa, and a distant mountain range, in the slice-of-life anime style

A tropical beach paradise with crystal-clear waters, swaying palm trees, and a rustic beach hut nestled among the coconut trees, in the magical girl anime style


There are numerous painting and anime styles available in Midjourney. While we cannot guarantee it will create precisely what you’re envisioning, as Midjourney is still under development and will continue to evolve, experimenting with these styles tends to yield better results. As we’ve mentioned a few times, the best approach is to experiment with prompts. Below is a link from which you can download a 4k wallpaper on Ko-fi. Feel free to download it.

Download 4k Wallpaper

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