Toronto’s top 4 Secret Charms for Solo Travelers

Pack your bag before reading this post for solo travelers! Toronto holds an abundance of attractions for those who travel alone. While people are around popular landmarks such as the CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum, the city’s hidden treasures are waiting for you. This guide will explain into the essential neighborhoods and extraordinary experiences that solo adventurers should not miss in order to fully appreciate Toronto’s distinct allure.

Kensington Market

Situated just to the west of downtown Toronto, Kensington Market is a lively, bohemian quarter where explorers can delve into the city’s multifaceted roots in a laid-back and congenial setting. Bursting with a diverse mix of retro boutiques, striking street art, and delectable global cuisine, this captivating neighborhood stimulates the senses. Wander the quaint lanes, savor culinary delights from neighborhood stalls, or unwind with a coffee at a unique sidewalk cafe. Be sure to collect some genuine mementos from the numerous local shops offering special apparel, ornaments, and crafts.

Tip for solo travelers

Experience the Kensington Pedestrian Sundays (from May to October) and witness the streets come to life with live tunes, street performers.


Seven Lives Tacos y Mariscos

Renowned for their mouthwatering seafood tacos, Seven Lives delivers an authentic taste of Mexico. The Gobernador—shrimp, cheese, and sautéed vegetables in a soft corn tortilla—is a fan favorite.

Banh Mi Nguyen Huong

Craving a delicious Vietnamese sandwich? Banh Mi Nguyen Huong is your go-to spot in Kensington Market. Specializing in banh mi, you’ll be amazed by the scrumptious fillings like grilled pork and lemongrass tofu, complemented by a crispy baguette.

King’s Café

For those seeking a vegetarian option, King’s Café presents a diverse menu of tasty, meat-free dishes. Unwind in their warm, relaxed atmosphere while enjoying offerings like the spicy tofu and vegetables or Buddha’s delight.

Toronto's top 4 Secret Charms for Solo travelers
© Photo by Meri Vasilevski on Unsplash

The Distillery District

The historical Distillery District whisks travelers back to an era when Victorian factories graced the city’s horizon. With cobblestone streets filled with art exhibits, fashionable boutiques, and refined cafes, this delightful pedestrian-only quarter are home to well-preserved red-brick edifices. A visit to the Distillery District is incomplete without indulging in local treats such as oven-fresh pretzels or handmade chocolates.

Tip for solo travelers

Schedule your visit during the Toronto Christmas Market festivities in November and December for an enchanting experience, complete with sparkling lights and seasonal merriment.


Soma Chocolatemaker

A must-visit for chocolate aficionados, Soma Chocolate offers an exquisite selection of artisanal chocolates and truffles. Do not miss their famous drinking chocolate or the rich gelato.


Leslieville is Toronto’s Hidden Gem in the East End. Once an industrial zone, this area has metamorphosed into a delightful destination where wanderers can peruse chic shops, relish innovative cuisine at eateries, and admire local artists’ creations. Take an afternoon to saunter along tree-canopied streets, sample delicious bites from bakery stands, and revel in a beverage at an artisanal brewery or cozy pub. Participate in one of the district’s lively happenings or energetic street festivals during your stay.

Tip for solo travelers

Attend the Leslieville Farmers’ Market (from May to October) and enjoy fresh produce, oven-baked delights, and lively entertainment. Connect with cheerful locals at this community event.


Greta Solomon’s

Greta Solomon’s is a French bistro located in Leslieville. This cozy and intimate restaurant offers a variety of French-inspired dishes. The establishment is known for its romantic atmosphere, excellent service, and delicious food. If you’re interested in visiting Greta Solomon’s or learning more about their menu, you can search online for their website or call the restaurant directly for more information and reservations.

Samaira’s Kitchen

This is a pizza and burger place in Leslieville that you can’t miss. The customer service is excellent, and the food is fantastic. They have a lovely patio outside, which is perfect for summertime.

Toronto's top 4 Secret Charms for Solo travelers
© Photo by Jeffrey Eisen on Unsplash

The Beaches

Flee the city’s chaos and venture to The Beaches, a peaceful, picturesque neighborhood situated along the banks of Lake Ontario. This idyllic locale boasts a promenade, sandy shore, sprawling parks, and a relaxed ambiance that solo travelers seeking serenity can appreciate. Explore the waterfront parks, relish a leisurely promenade along Kew Beach’s sandy expanses, or take a rejuvenating dip in Lake Ontario. Charming shops, delightful eateries, and hospitable taverns dot Queen Street East, providing an engaging retail and dining adventure.

Tip for solo travelers

Join the annual Beaches International Jazz Festival in July and lose yourself in a charged atmosphere brimming with live performances, and an unparalleled coastal backdrop.


Bud’s Coffee Bar: Cozy up in this café and enjoy premium coffee, baked goods, and light meals.

Our Thoughts

With these tips, explore Toronto’s hidden treasures and truly feel the city’s inviting charm. Taste foods from around the world at Kensington Market. Go back in time while strolling through the Distillery District. Give your support to local shops in Leslieville. Relax by the lake at The Beaches. Each neighborhood leaves a lasting impression. Leave the usual paths and find Toronto’s secret wonders, making unforgettable memories along the way.

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